Sharing Our Life Testimony

John 5: 31-47
Ex 32:7-14 / Ps 106

How can you believe, when you accept praise from one another and do not seek the praise that comes from the only God?
(John 5:44)

When we share our life testimony,
It’s not for personal gain or fame.
What we share in all humility
Gives God praise and glorifies His Name.

Jesus said, “If I testify about myself, my witness is not valid. It is another who testifies about me. I know that the testimony which he testifies about me is true. You have sent to John, and he has testified to the truth. But the testimony which I receive is not from man. However, I say these things that you may be saved. He was the burning and shining lamp, and you were willing to rejoice for a while in his light. But the testimony which I have is greater than that of John, for the works which the Father gave me to accomplish, the very works that I do, testify about me, that the Father has sent me. The Father himself, who sent me, has testified about me. You have neither heard his voice at any time, nor seen his form. You don’t have his word living in you; because you don’t believe him whom he sent. “You search the Scriptures, because you think that in them you have eternal life; and these are they which testify about me. Yet you will not come to me, that you may have life.”


Sharing one’s life testimony in our weekly breakfast meetings is a unique method of evangelization employed in our brotherhood. All members are encouraged to share their life testimony as his or her contribution to the community’s spiritual formation.

Sharing testimonies, however, have to be screened, scrutinized and edited first by our community’s ‘official discerner’ before they are delivered. This is to prevent any “I” specialist from using the rostrum to relate his exciting life’s exploits, or to deliver a personal travelogue. Nor is it the proper forum for one’s “true confessions” series. All life sharings must be delivered in the spirit of humility and surrender, with God as the Central Figure in the witnessing. It is not intended to win praises of men, which are as valuable as the molten calf made by human hands (Exodus, chapter 32). True stewards of God seek only their Master’s praise, and they find it in serving others.

The purpose of a life testimony is to give witness, thanks and praise to the Lord for one’s healing and/or renewal, acknowledging Him as the Author of our life, and relating the creative way that God had weaved the plot in our life story that led to our conversion. It is also a subtle way of spreading God’s Word to the uninitiated by incorporating scripture passages into the sharing text that are relevant to the high points in the sharer’s life story. Many a sharing have been effective in touching more than one soul in the breakfast assembly, and a few moistened eyes are testimonies of their efficacy. The Holy Spirit moves hearts every time a brother, sister or couple “declare themselves for Christ in the presence of their friends.” (Mt.10:32)

Let’s ask ourselves this time of Lent: Is our testimony God-sent? If we must share to seek men’s praise, our faith’s not worth an ounce of grace.

I will give You praise, Lord God, in our assembly, and I pray that all who hear your Word may likewise give You thanks for their own blessings in life. Amen.

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