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A Touch of Love

Matthew 8: 1-4 Gen.17:1,9-10,15-22/Ps 128 Jesus stretched out his hand and touched him, saying, “I will; be clean.” (Matthew 8:3) God reaches out to us in our sin, Only if we go to Him in shame; In our penitence we are made clean, And salvation we can now reclaim. When Jesus came down from the […]

Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul

Matthew 16: 13-19 Acts 12:1-10/Psa 34/2Tim 4:6-8,17-18 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven . . . (Matthew 16:19) Who Jesus is in my life today Reflects the things I do and say. Lord, let me always display Your ways That others too may give You praise. When Jesus went into […]

On False Prophets

Matthew 7: 15-20 Gen 15:1-12,17-18 / Ps 105 Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but underneath they are ravenous wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. (Matthew 7:15-16) Don’t be deceived by flowery speech, Or bible verses they know so well; Fruits of their work, and not what they […]

Judging Others

Matthew 7: 1-5 Gen 12: 1-9 / Psa 33 For as you judge, so will you be judged, and the measure with which you measure will be measured out to you. (Matthew 7:2) If we must judge others for their sins, Pray to the Spirit for discernment, That the Lord may provide us the means […]

The Feast of the Sacred Heart

Matthew 11: 25-30 Dt 7: 6-11 / Ps 103: 1-4, 6-7, 8, 10 / 1 Jn 4: 7-16 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble of heart, and you will find rest for your souls. (Matthew 11:29) No burden is too heavy, No task too hard to […]

The Perfect Prayer

Matthew 6: 7-15 2 Cor.11:1-11 97: 1-7 Your Father knows what you need, before you ask Him. (Matthew 6: 8) Pray the ‘Our Father’ every day, That all the world’s conflicts may cease; As Jesus has shown us the way, Let’s pray it constantly for peace. Jesus instructed His disciples on praying: “Your Father knows […]