About this Blog

The spiritual content of this blog is the life’s work of Eduardo “Momong” Robillo, of Davao City, Philippines. His dedication to tithing and spreading the Word of God has carried my father Momong’s work towards the publication of his daily Gospel reflections. In 2005, he published the two-volume The Word God Spells. This blog is the continuation of his inspired work.

The daily reflections are presented this way. The day’s Gospel, first and second readings and the responsorial psalm are noted at the top. Below that is an excerpt from the day’s Gospel reading, which is where the author bases his meditation. The quatrain — the four verses that summarize the reflection — is the poetic hand of the author. Following these are the day’s reflection and prayer.

The Foreword and Preface pages contain texts taken from The Word God Spells • January-June 2005.

Note to readers. The Gospel reflections are posted everday except on Sunday. That’s because this is when the Word of God is best heard and meditated upon in Church.

Oliver “Blogie” Robillo
17 February 2007
Davao City, Philippines